Sullivan's Island Real Estate

Sullivan's Island

Sullivan's Island property is primarily comprised of single family dwellings. Sullivan's Island real estate for sale includes luxury homes of all sizes, from 7 bedrooms at nearing $5.000,000 to 2 bedroom bungalows. This island property is clearly for private residences enjoying the island lifestyle.

Sullivan's Island, SC is just 15 minutes from historic Charleston and just across the bridge from Mount Pleasant. A sophisticated island town, it offers its residents and visitors no flashing neon signs, no shopping malls, no golf courses and not even a stoplight, just a small downtown district that features primarily upscale restaurants and watering holes. And that's the way the islanders plan to keep it. Residents get around on foot, on bikes, or in golf carts. When they need to leave the island, they travel across an old-fashioned drawbridge. There are no hotels of any sort and rental properties are frowned upon in this family-oriented, close-knit community. The island has a wonderful park built on the grounds of an old military ammunition dump. It is a great place to climb the hill to see the island in all directions.

Sullivan's Island is about 3 miles long, and is shaped like a bow. The island's residence dates back to the late 1600's, being a lookout for early Charleston, but it really didn't start building up until the Revolutionary War with the construction of Fort Moultrie to defend Charleston from the British forces. Captain Florence O'Sullivan was appointed to take charge of the signal cannon near the point to warn Charleston, and the island today bears his name. The early years of the island were first for military uses and only much later became summer getaways for downtown merchants. Most of the early homes were on leased land from the government.

The island also has another chapter of being one of the largest importation quarantine stations for slavery. After the Revolutionary War, the Civil War became the next major event with the first shots being fired between Fort Moultrie and Fort Sumter. One of the island's most famous residents, Edgar Allen Poe, was stationed at Fort Moultrie with several of his more popular poems and short stories being about this area, such as "The Goldbug" and "The Raven."  Many streets are named after him. A famous Seminole Indian chief, Osceola, was held captive at the fort, but was treated as a celebrity with visitors coming and going. He died while being held captive at the fort and is buried out front. For those who love history, each of the above references can be expanded on greatly as  the island, like Charleston itself, is filled with history.

To learn more, visit the Town of Sullivan Island website.

Jimmy Carroll
Jimmy Carroll
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