Selling Your Property

When considering selling your property, you want someone who knows the island and the property you are selling. No one can claim the knowledge Jimmy has for the islands, his home town. Having lived here his whole life, Jimmy knows just about every aspect of the island.

Jimmy's history is that of a proven leader, a successful business person, one of the top selling Realtors consistantly across Charleston and especially on the beaches. On top of this, Jimmy constantly strives to stay at the cutting edge of technology. He believes in the internet, believes in staying in touch with his clients and is always working the deal. Jimmy also has put his money where his mouth is, 90% of his investments are in beachside real estate owning all types of real estate, From interior homes, to waterfront property to commerrcial property. He is also one who has stayed the course and has seen the ups and downs of the industry. He is not one who wants to see the values drop, he is realistic and will not take a listing at any price, just to get the listing.

If you want to sell, if you want an honest opinion, and want someone who is willing to work with everyone, call Jimmy Carroll.

Jimmy Carroll
Jimmy Carroll
Sales Executive