Investing In Island Real Estate

Ever since Charleston's barrier islands were discovered by the rest of the world, they have been a popular and a financially wise place to invest. Even though real estate has taken a hit here like the rest of the country did due to the economic recession, it has recovered and is currently thriving. The coastal areas of America are where people migrate, with most of America's population living along the coast. When buying on the islands, the appreciation tends to be even greater than inland. Supply and demand dictates this as there is a lot of land inland, but a limited supply of beach property.

When investing on an island, you need to make sure you deal with someone who knows the market and the islands. Every area has its own attributes, and yes, even sometimes, special conditions. It's vital to know which beaches are healthy and which ones have had erosion. Right now, all the beaches look great, but in a few areas, millions of dollars were spent in beach re-nourishment. Not all Realtors know the history of the island and buyers should be aware of this.  

Jimmy Carroll knows the Isle of Palms and Sullivan's Island like the back of his hand. He has lived here his whole life, he walks the beaches, he has served on special state level committees researching the beaches and how to best protect them. No one knows these islands as well as Jimmy. He will give you his all and lead you to the best choices for your budget. He looks for the long term relationship, not the one time sale.

Call Jimmy today at (843) 452-1200 for a free market analysis.

Jimmy Carroll
Jimmy Carroll
Sales Executive